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AMINO 4 PLUS (Body Booster)

Amino Acid Concentrate

Contains the 4 most essential amino acids that are vital "building blocks" for muscle development, tissue formation, for building topline, healthy coats and hooves. 

-          -  Assists with feed digestion and utilization, nutrient absorption and GI tract health.

-          -  Improves skin, coat, muscle and hoof quality/health. 

-          -  Supports improved growth in young horses and muscle mass in older horses

-          -  Promoting calmness and balancing the nervous system

Ideal for horses following injury or when workload demands are high.  For young growing horses or older horses needing a boost in condition/health.  



Is your horse showing any Ulcer symptoms, joint pain/discomfort or respiratory issues?  Treat the symptoms early to ensure feed utilisation and the general comfort of your horse especially with the change in season and following the stresses of a long show season.



Also known as "herbal aspirin” - but better, as doesn’t have any of the nasty side effects.

Proven to be beneficial for horses with gut conditions by providing a lining on the stomach and intestines  and may help to reduce scouring due to its gentle astringent action.  As well as its anti-inflammatory action it also has antiseptic and diuretic properties.

Ideal in winter months for horses with joint stiffness and inflammation or arthiritis.

Feed daily or when needed.  30gm/500kg horse.

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A bit about us

Through a passion for riding and years of experience breeding and training horses, a growing interest in the connection between the feeding requirements for New Zealand horses and their behaviour became a key motivating factor in the start up of DUWELL.

With years of research, trials, and development, the DUWELL system of mineral supplements have been specially formulated to offer horses in New Zealand the correct levels of minerals and additives required to keep them happy, healthy and easy going.

We only use the highest quality ingredients in all our products and pride ourselves in offering a complete service that offers a personalised mineral feeding plan for your horse.


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