Happy Tumm Super Conditioner

2L 5l 10l



To support gut health, body condition, feed utilization and enhanced mineral uptake.  

Now with chelated copper and zinc for even better health!  

No fillers. Concentrated for maximum value and effectiveness.

Concentrated seaweed bio-stimulant extract

Made from 100% wild-harvested New Zealand seaweed combind with an earth based pre & probiotic liquid, using cool temperature extraction process for maximum bio-activity. Our clean oceans ensure a high quality product free from pollutants and heavy metal contamination.


Dosage (per day)

For horses with a poor coat or those underweight:- 

100mmls for 5 days then reduce to 80mls for next 5 days then reduce to maintenance amount 



Ingredients per 40mls

Elemental Levels per 40mls
Copper      -      50.16mg
Zinc           -     221mg

Contains 60 plus naturally occurring minerals including calcium, carbon, oxygen, magnesium and sodium.

 Does not contain selenium.

Warning – Copper can be toxic if fed in excess. It is important to correctly assess levels in the overall diet to avoid toxicity. Feed only as directed. If symptoms worsen or persist contact your equine health professional.  


Esme Whinwray

Esme has become an avid supporter of Duwell products. 

This came about after finding the products made a massive difference to the health of her then 5year old mare Boo that had been written off as a hopeless case of irreversible respiratory disease. In Esme’s word "it dint just make a massive difference. It actually saved her life and returned her to a full riding career. From this point on Esme had every confidence in promoting the products and first-hand experience which is the most powerful knowledge when it comes to helping others. 

Esme is a highly respected Equine Sports Therapy Emmett4 Horses practitioner and a passionate rider and carer of horses. As an equine bodyworker Esme knows instinctively what it takes for horses to feel good and what things can really help them along the way.  

This is a case study of a gorgeous project gelding that Esme has enabled to blossom wonderfully.   

Pie came up for sale as a project…. I love a good project!

Collectively I love to put my time, knowledge (as an equine body worker) and products (Duwell) into play and watch horses’ shapeshift mentally, emotionally and physically. My absolute choice in Nutrition is Duwell…my ultimate must for every horse on the property, as a daily intake - HAPPY TUMM. This product alone has made changes in horses you wouldn’t think possible in such quick time - notable changes in Pie’s case, his coat firstly, he was uber fluffy on arrival as he has never been covered and it was mid-winter.  His coat got a gloss, old scabs from a skin issue started falling off, patches started to regrow (I never washed him nor did I use skin creams on his scabs, I let the cleanse come from the inside out) he had a narrow topline particularly from the wither to the lumbar, within two weeks it started to rebuild and take a new shape.

His coat continued to become more and more shiny, his anxiety levels on the ground settled. Within less than 8 weeks his before and after photos, he looks like a different horse. Stronger, healthier with this amazing full shape.

At week 3 I added Duwell Compete and Grow to further assist in his progress as he was in work and needed to build healthy muscle. Compete N Grow enabled him to grow in physical strength, progressing in the right direction to my ultimate goal of an athletic, full of potential and talented horse that I knew he could be.

His food intake was a small feed of Dunstan betabeet, with a 1kg scoop of Coprice ricebran pellets, with a starting loading dose of 100ml of Happy Tum for the first 5 days, to get the goodies going, then dropped it to 80ml and the full 45g scoop of Compete and Grow.

Pie on Arrival

Starting to Look Fab!!

and.... "His ridden work is on point"

I can go on all day about the benefits I've experienced in horses on Duwell.

Plain feed with quality nutrition - repeatedly confirms for me it's the key to amazing results. It doesn't need to be crazy expensive or a multitude of different products to achieve desirable results.

Fuelled with Duwell is health inside out.


Thanks Esme for sharing your story. 

Bella Small 2018 Level 3 Dressage Pony of the Year

Hi Emma

We have several horses/ponies on the property and they are all on Happy Tumm. One pony suffered with mild stomach ulcers and very runny poos. Happy Tumm has helped heaps. Her poos have now firmed up and she stopped being angry when we brushed her tummy and tightened her girth.
Another one of our ponies Romeo’s coat became lush and shiny and his mane and tail are so thick now.
Holly our pony mare had runny poos and dull coat but her poo has firmed up and her coat is shiny and she is more even tempered now.
Mushu our Hanoverian x morgan is now more relaxed about coming and staying in the stables and his coat condition is amazing and he has a less noisy tummy too.
We would be lost without our Happy Tumm. This stuff has been a real game changer, it has helped all our horses in different ways both internally and externally….

Sarah Small

Sarah and Bella Small

After having Happy Tumm recommended to us by a true believer… I can honestly say it has had an amazing effect on our ponies. All in different ways of course, as they all have different needs. But it’s very obvious that it can only be this product. We now have glossier coats, thicker tails and manes and healthier poo haha!! Its true what they say, "Healthy insides, shows on the outside”. Super product won’t be without it, you can add it to your feed or syringe it directly doesn’t matter as long as you are using it regularly you will see the results in a matter of a weeks.

Simple feeds and Happy Tumm produce a great result

Hi Emma

Well what a learning curve! This last 12 months has been!

We contacted you last year, when our little pony that we got in the summer last year, started flicking his head excessively, when autumn arrived. You recommended a programme of simple plain feeds, timothy chaff, beta beet, salt and restricted grass intake with heaps of hay. We also added happy tum to his diet.  

Our pony has come into work this season a much happier less spooky mount. A complete change from last spring and autumn! With our limited knowledge of the effects of grass and the wrong feed we had a pony who twitched, spooked and flicked his head. We now have a perfect sweet pony this spring well much happier and I swear from the Happy Tum he glows! He really is an amazing pony and simple feeding so much more affordable!

Thanks so much. The back to basics plan has been awesome!  These two will have a great season this year.


More Information

Shake well before use as contents settle on standing.

Naturally brewed Seaweed extract

Naturally occurring prebiotics, probiotics, fucoidans, fucoxanthin, Vitamins A,C,E, Omega 3 EPA, Essential amino acids, Choline, B complex, Folic acid, Phlorotannins, Mannitol, 

Chelated copper and zinc - Elemental Levels per 40mls

Copper      -      50.16mg
Zinc           -     221mg

Typical Weights

Horses 14.3hh - 16.2hh 450kg - 650kg

Ponies 13hh - 14.2hh 300kg - 450kg

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