Flax Seed Oil

1l 5l 10L


100% New Zealand Cold Pressed FlaxSeed Oil.  

We cold-store our product right up until it leaves for delivery! 

It is not commonly known and is an inconvenient truth that flaxseed oil only retains it's highly valued anti-inflammatory omega 3 for THREE WEEKS OUT OF THE FRIDGE!! This is why we cold store ours! 

No artificial ingredients. 

Ideal for dogs! 

Contains the highest level of plant based omega 3 Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) essential for performance and health.

Ensures healthy skin, coat, hooves, joints and cardiovascular system. 

Promotes overall health and condition.

Provides a great source of cool energy.

Calorie dense so grain portion of diet can be reduced.

Feeding Tips

Introduce oil to diet gradually e.g if 1 cup per day is required, start with ¼ cup and increase gradually over 12-14 days.

Fat is a cool energy source – creates less "fizzy behaviour” and lowered heat waste during digestion.

Oil is calorie dense - 1 Cup (250ml or 230g) of oil contains the same amount of digestible energy as 6 cups (750g) of whole oats.

More Information

Recommended Feeding Rate

General Maintenance for horses     


5-30mls for dogs depending on size and condition

To boost condition   


For horses in moderate to heavy work or those needing to add condition   


Typical weights

Horses 14.3hh - 16.2hh 450kg - 650kg

Ponies 13hh - 14.2hh 300kg - 450kg


100% New Zealand cold pressed flax seed oil

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