We offer a range of services to help you get your horse's health back on track. 

  • Feed and management consultations. Simply fill out the DUWELL Equine Health and Feed Assessment Questionnaire. Click on the link below.  From this information, I will provide a feeding and management action plan, tailored to suit your horse's needs, grazing situation and health and behavioural challenges. This process takes three to four hours, as you will have questions ongoing and charging a small fee enables me to devote time to this much needed service.
  • A property visit to assess pasture and management issues. Cost for this service would be determined by location/travel time. 
  • Full agistment for head-flickers, horses with laminitis, grass and behavioral issues. 
  • We can provide ground work training and some types of ridden training. These services are not available at all times so please enquire for availability. 
             If you have any queries please contact us. 


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